Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

13" Octagon Pattern Claw Hammer Handle American Hickory

13" Octagon Claw Hammer Handle. American Hickory. Comes with one Wood & Metal Wedge. Made in USA. Generally made for 13oz. claw heads or other small hammers.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth S.
Quality and authentic

Great quality and looks like the original. Bought for the hammer I’ve had for 60 yrs and have sentimental attachment to. It looks and feels just right.

william Walker

waited too long for the order.

Scott Penuel
Nice to find exactly what I was looking for.

My Dad swung a 13 oz. Plumb hammer with an octagon handle all his life. They became scarce, nay Impossible to find and between me and my younger brother, we broke all but one of Dad's handles. I have searched for any NOS of these hammers but there are 0 to be found. I was grateful to find Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. They have the exact handle and I have replaced one of the broken ones in Dad's shop so far. He was thrilled to see a "brand new" Plumb. Thanks Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.!

Rod Dwyer
Exactly as described

Great handle!

Jason Meyer

Perfect fit for my 13 oz. bluegrass hammers. The octagon handle has always been my favorite. If you want a octagon style handle, beaver tooth is the way to go.