Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

16" Blacksmith / Ball Pein Hammer Handle Flat Eye Style For 32-48oz.

16" Beaver Tooth Genuine Hickory Ball Pein / Blacksmith Hammer Handle / Engineers / Small Sledge. Eye size of 1-3/16" x 5/8" Flat eye #3 type. Wood & Metal Wedge included free!  Fits a lot of the old flat eye Blacksmith Tools. For 32-40oz. & 48oz. Ball Pein and 40-48oz. Flat Eye Blacksmith Hammers or whatever will fit the eye. Made in USA. 

Customer Reviews

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Great quality. Wish it had a option for no varnish

The quality and fitment was great just wish it they had an option for no varnish on the handle I definitely prefer linseed oil better. But it gave new life to my great grandfather 1930’s plumb 36 ounce ballpeen

Anthony Puccio
Wood is Better

I replaced the fiberglass handle on my 3# cross pein hammer with this one. The fiberglass handle was in pretty bad shape, I abused the crap out of it in my younger days. Spent some time fitting the eye so the head hung perfectly, Buckin Billy Ray would be proud. Wood is so much better. Sorry no before and after pictures. I have a single bit axe with a fiberglass handle that I also want to replace...maybe someday Beaver Tooth will get the 36" plain sanded curved handles in stock. Hint Hint!

Jamie Tyree
Full time blacksmith

Handle is exactly as described, seems to be good quality wood. Shipped by the schedule listed on sales page.