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28" Double Bit Axe Handle. American Hickory

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28" Beaver Tooth Double Bit Hickory Axe Handle. Eye size 2-3/4" x 3/4". Comes with one wood & Steel Wedge.  Made in USA!

Customer Reviews

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Maxfield Hannum

Yeah, I loved this so much. Great job!

Cheryl Van Epps
Lovely handle!

Replacing the handle of my maul I bought in an antique store. I ordered going by the size & shape of the opening of my maul head to purchase the new handle. The old handle was the wrong shape and sheared at front & back, slipping out of the head. So I've got a little whittling to do on this new handle but would rather have too much wood than too little- gives me room to play with. Absolutely gorgeous grain, parallel and centered, the shaft is a hair thick for my grasp but again, I can easily customize that. Will watch how the experts do it on Youtube. Thank you!

Linzee Turner
Double bit axe handle

Great quality, i love it. I definitely recommend beaver tooth to anyone looking to purchase their next axe handle.

28” of perfection

Both handles i received are the best available. I’m inordinately satisfied with the quality of the wood, the grain orientation and the precisely centered kerf cuts. These handles and the aces hung upon them will be handed down to my sons. Thank you for producing such fine handles!

David Pace
Double Bit Axe Handle

The axe handle was of exceptional quality. The grain and tightness of the grain was very good. My axe was given to me by my father many years ago. I will pass it along to my son. Thank you for a quality product and service to match.