Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

54" Beaver Tooth Eye Hoe / Berry Hoe / Scovel / Scrubby Hoe Replacement Handle Small Eye

The Beaver Tooth 54" Eye hoe handle has the small 1-1/2" eye Made from Ash in the USA. Use on Fire Rakes, Eye hoes, Berry Hoe, Scovel Hoes etc. The long reach of this handle will keep you from having to bend over as much and save your back a bit.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Rowe
Perfect replacement!

Perfect replacement for my great grandmother's 80 plus year old hoe! I finished the handle with several coats of boiled linseed oil. I prefer that the handle had no finish, I’ve stripped poly from handles in the past. A Linseed oil finish is so much easier on the hands with use.

Richard Murphy
oil finish added

I added an oil finish with Watco Danish Oil stain and Watco Satin Wax. Worked out great!

Reginald Mullinax
Round eye cast steel double ended hoe

This hoe is a very useful tool but I could not find a replacement handle for it. The new handle fits perfectly and hoe is back to work, well balanced and productive.

Justin Martinez
Great handles

Took a while before I received these handles but the quality was worth the wait. The best quality hickory I’ve seen in years.

Felix A Perez
Great Hoe Handle

This double end hoe handle is a great piece of wood that very stout and fits my hoe prefectly.