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Cruiser Axe Sheath 2.5 lb. Double Bit Leather With D- Ring

One NEW Top Grain Leather Axe Sheath for Double Bit Cruiser Axes. 

  • Fits Double Bit Cruiser Axes. Usable inside space 8-1/2" x 4-1/4". Approx. 2.5 + lbs.


  • D-Ring for attaching or hanging your axe. Note: Ring my be placed on right or left side. No choice.

  • Heavy weight top grain leather with nylon stitching and rivet reinforcement.

  • Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Leather axe sheaths

I purchased the 2 cruiser as gifts, I had already purchased one for myself and they liked it. The boys axe sheath for a nice Plumb boys that I restored. We are pleased with these items and I'm sure I will purchase more.

Cruiser double bit axe sheath Annother 6 Stars

I'm including pics of both of my demolition finds. A double bit axe with the new sheath and my prize Cruiser Double Bit with a new Beaver-tooth handle and a new sheath too. I only wish I had discovered your products before I bought the full size handle. The cruiser is an old "Plumb" double bit. Thank you
Dave Crapps

Perfect fit

Bought this for a 2 1/2lb Kelly flint edge cruiser. The head had barely been sharpened and was close to original condition so it was slightly larger than what other heads are commonly found. It measured 8 5/8" x 4 3/8" so it is a very snug fit, but it did fit and will only loosen up more over time. As mentioned by others, I dyed it and used Obenaufs and it turned out great. I also have the larger version of this sheath for a 3 lb Kelly flint edge and it was also a good fit and well made.

Excelent sheath

Very well made. Hit it with dye and obenaufs the hell out of it and it supples up nice.

Cruiser Cover

Having four Cruisers of various makers I wanted a good reliable Mask for transporting them. After this Mask arrived I found that item! All four of my Axes will fit this Cover. Some are tighter than others but the snaps do close and I 'm sure with time and wear the leather will give some more. I am overall very pleased with this Mask. I would like to see a heavier welt but this works fine as is. Will be buying a few more shortly! I have purchased various hafts from Beaver Tooth and so far they have been very good and now I'll be watching the Mask or Sheath more closely!