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36" Railroad / Clay Pick / Mattock Cutter Handle 5LB. #6 Eye

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American Hickory Clay / Rail Road Pick / Mattock Handle. 36". Eye #6,  3"x 2" Made in USA!

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Sandy Burnes
#6 Eye Handle

This fits perfectly and is a nice quality handle that should last fit years. I would buy it again.

Steve Pulley
Fantastic handle and excellent fit

The handle was obviously made by real craftsmen. I needed a replacement handle for my mattock. The handle was a perfect fit for my #6 eye (2”x3” size). I can’t say enough good things about this handle. The 36” length was just right and the grip was perfect. Reminded me of my favorite baseball bat! I would not hesitate to order a handle from these folks. I ordered the “better” grade because the “best” was not in stock. I would have really liked to see how much nicer the “best” could have been. I will not hesitate to buy from this seller again and will gladly tell others how satisfied I am with my purchase. Thank you.

James Little
Glad I found a GREAT handle (s)

Great Handles !!The GI pick handle needed a little sanding but I got it
to fit very good. The railroad pick handle slipped right on. Thanks again!!
Have told a couple of friends about your shop and I have some axes that are in need of repair.

Charles Hope
Great place to buy in bulk

This was actually a company purchase and not for personal use. We bought a couple different types of handles. We do not actually need them as axe or mattocks handles, but we just use the wooden handle on its own for a specific process we perform at our facility. We have been struggling to find a place to buy hickory handles in bulk for a fair price. This was perfect. If and when I need to buy something for personal use, I will come here. I will also return when our company needs more tooling handles.

warren klein

very nice quality, way better then I could buy from a store