Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

36" Railroad / Clay Pick / Mattock Cutter Handle 5LB. #6 Eye

American Hickory Clay / Rail Road Pick / Mattock Handle. 36". Eye #6,  3"x 2" Made in USA! #2 good grade are not perfectly straight. 

Customer Reviews

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Lewis Dolmas
Beautiful Grain

In the past, the only issue I've had with Beaver Tooth Handle Co has been time to ship, but I've always considered it absolutely worth it for the quality and ability to get handles with proper eye sizes for the antique tools I restore that fit without extreme amounts of sanding and grinding. This handle, however, shipped incredibly quickly, and as such I don't have a single thing to complain about. This handle had an exceptionally beautiful Grain pattern which came out beautifully after applying stain and BLO.

Fine handle

Nicely finished. Beautiful straight grain.

Robert Osborne
Good handle

Good handle. Chose the higher grade. Came with optimal grain orientation and no knots or dark spots.

Chris Tietjen
Very satisfied!

The pick handle was a perfect fit. A very nice piece of wood and well finished. Thanks.

david jaqua
Not for display

This is a rugged, high quality handle. I'm 70 years old. This is the kind of handle that was on my grandfather's tools. It is beautiful, but that's not the point. My handle is going to be operating my grandfather's hand forged grub hoe.