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40" American Hickory Grub Hoe Handles

40" Grub Hoe Handle made from American Hickory. 40" x 2-3/4" x 2-1/8" Made in USA.

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Hickery Handle

This is a quality handle made from quality material by people who know what they they are doing.. My Grandchildren may be using this, many years in the future.


I ordered three handles. They were exactly what I ordered. Took a little while to get the package but very happy with the quality of the handles.

We had a bit of ruff start to the new year. My Mother Who worked for me doing shipping was diagnosed with 3 three lymphoma this Jan. She is doing well with treatments so far. She was very sick this month and hospitalized before we found out what was going on with her health. As a result I missed shipping for a good week. She is not currently working either. With all this shipping has gotten way behind. Running about 4 weeks from order date right now. It is just me doing all the shipping etc. So it will take awhile to catch up. Thank you, Mark
Keeping the old ways alive

I recently bought an adze head and a broadhead hoe at the local swap meet, neither had handles on them.
both were good condition and I only payed 10 bucks for the pair. I am well pleased with the fit and look of
my new tools and know that the quality of Beaver-Tooth handles will allow these tools to make it another
couple of generations .

thanks Beaver- Tooth


Glenn Brouwer

Fantastic Quality, Fit and Finish!!!

After an extensive search, I finally found the Curved Grub Hoe handle that I had been looking for the past 4 or 5 years!

The product is without flaws. The finish is great! The fitment into the eye of my Grub Hoe is perfect! Couldn't ask for a better product or customer service!!!

Bud Shaw
Hillman, MI

40" American Hickory Grub Hoe Handle

Not until viewing a Wranglerstar video hosted by Cody did I come to understand that a longer handle will not adversely impact a tool's functionality. Wranglerstar's video share caused me to seek out hickory for my new handle. That in turn ended with my order from Beaver-Tooth. Their web page worked like I expected and had an honest disclaimer! I enjoy the quality of my new handle so much. It has a great gripping surface, heft, and wood density such that it reduces my lower back & hand pain. I am slowly ordering more Beaver-Tooth products to upgrade my outdoor tool selection. Thank you also for my 10% discounts.