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12" Boy Scout Hatchet / Camp Axe Handle. Pocket Axe. American Hickory

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Boy Scout Style Hickory Hatchet Handle. May fit some small Norlund Hudson Bay Pattern Hatchets as well. 12" long. Eye Size is 1-1/2" x 5/8". Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! 

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Moorman
flawless handle

It went on a Norlund hatchet. It fit well after it was narrowed a little (with dremel sanding). I put linseed oil on it x3; it does not absorb much oil. Straight tight grain, with a sliver of heartwood on the butt.

David Hackel
Dang fine Axe Handle

The handle is a great fit for the vintage Plumb Axe. Not much stock removal from the handle for the eye, perfect fit for my son whom I purchase the axe handle! Beaver-Tooth axe handles are made fine, I chose the unfinished so I could finish it myself and hate to remove varnish. This is my second handle purchase, I bought a handle for my felling axe I rehung a few months back!!! I’m very happy with both handles and happy to say I’ll be purchasing more in the future.

Kevin G.
Glad I found this place

I'm fixing my way through a couple dozen axe heads, hammer heads, and various other tools from 3 generations that would just buy another tool when one broke. the first couple axes I got hardware store handles that compared to these really feel chunky and oversized these fit my hand much better and I don't have to sand off the varnish I just finish with boiled linseed oil or if it has finish it's a good finish that I don't have to mess with

john mcclure
12" Boy Scout Hatchet & 16" Blacksmith/sledge

Hatchet handle for Plumb carpenter's style head and Blacksmith handle for 2.5" lb. sledge head. Handles are great! Smooth, straight ,clear of knots, no checks and made from American hickory! Completely satisfied, worth the wait!

jerry rigsbee
12in hachette handle

Great handle for my vintage Norlumd vorager hachette head .