Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

12 Steel Wedges for Hammers, Hatchets, Blacksmith etc. 1/2" Ribbed Metal Wedge

12 Wholesale / Bulk Metal Wedges. Size that is most commonly found in hammers. They are approx. 1/2" wide across the top x 1/8" thick at the top x 1-1/16" long, or deep. Made in USA. Free Shipping!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Bucksath
Great to have on hand

These steel wedges are high quality and everyone should have some on hand. Within a week I had someone that needed a little work and have two of these installed on a Pulaski. Glad I had them!

Bob Porter
Broken Hammer

I ordered two Hickory handles and a package of wedges to fix a couple of old hammers I had laying around. Handles look and feel real nice, and fit like they were meant for the hammer heads I had! Seem like a great product for the price!

gregg paquette
My Boring Tale

Needed wedges. Ordered wedges. Received wedges. Used wedges. End of Story. Just a wild and crazy guy living on the wEDGE, And very pleased with every aspect of the transaction.

Bob m
high quality handles

very pleased with the hatchet handles !

Jay Daughtry
Wedges are Wedges, But Handles Really Matter

Overall I am very pleased with all the products that I have ordered. The length of time it took to deliver them was a little bit frustrating. But I do understand it is a small family-run business and there were some challenges. So I don't expect that that would be the norm. I did have some concern with some inconsistencies in the five handles I purchased. One of them is thinner than the other four. The center one seems like a proper Scout handle and the other four seem more like a hunter camper axe which is a little bit thicker. Overall though the handles themselves are very well made good Hickory good grain and I'm looking forward to using them.