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26" Straight Shaft Ground Breaker Landscape Adze eye Hickory Handle

26" Straight Shaft Adze Handle. Replacement for the small ground breaker landscape garden tools or anything else with an eye this size. Eye size 1-3/4" x 1-1/4". Made in USA

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26" Straight Shaft Ground Breaker Landscape Adze Eye Hickory Handle

Could not find a replacement “Adze Eye” style handle for our Ground Breakers brand mattock at any local supply store. The Adze Eye style handle is approx 1” in diameter at its bottom end, where your hand holds it. This end of the handle passes through the slightly tapered rectangular opening in the mattock cutting head. The tool head then slides up the length of the handle. The hickory wood adze eye handle is gradually tapered to an approx 1.25” X 2” rectangular tool-end. As the mattock tool head slides up the length of the 1”
diameter handle, it will gradually friction fit in the rectangular eye of the mattock tool head. We had to sand the hickory handle slightly to get a good friction fit with approximately 1/4 of wood protruding from the tool head once it was firmly friction seated. We have been using the mattock with its new handle extensively and are quite happy with the performance of this new handle.

T3p Ranch
Great Product, Great Price!

A great product at a great price. Totally restored my garden mattock which had been lost in the pasture for 2 years.

26" adz handle

My handle showed up as promised. I did minimal sanding to fit my adz head. looks good and works great. Thank you for a quality handle. Nice straight grain hickory.

Brian Bleakney
Ground Adze Handle

Slow to ship but worth the wait.
It was easy to shape and fit my hand forged adze.

Howard Walker

the handle is smaller than the eye of the tool, so i am going to have to build it up. the wood grain looks good. the handle needs to be longer. l should have done more research

We list the length so you know before you buy. The mfg. of the heads (V&B) makes a 36' long handle just the same as the 26'