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26" Straight Shaft Ground Breaker Landscape Adze eye Hickory Handle

26" Straight Shaft Adze Handle. Replacement for the small ground breaker landscape garden tools or anything else with an eye this size. Eye size 1-3/4" x 1-1/14". Made in USA

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Ground breaker landscape handle

Fantastic service. Came on time and packaged as if it were to be dropped from a plane. Fit perfectly and went together in two minutes. Have kept your website and will be ordering more for my other tools. Thank you.


My Adze handle is perfect. Great quality and strength. Highly recommend their handles for all your tools.

Recent purchase

I accidentally broke the handle on an unusual yard tool a few years back. After searching in local stores and home centers, I was unable to find anything close enough to fit the rectangular top of the handle that I could even modify. Even the length of whatever I found did not match the original handle.

I decided recently to try again, and after searching a few sites, I learned that my tool was not a mattock but more resembled an adz handle. Once I found your site, I searched and found a replacement handle that appeared to be a perfect match.

Upon receipt I removed the old remaining handle stub and quickly inserted the new handle. I fit like it was made for it. Now we plan to restore the metal portion of the tool since we have such a great new handle.

Adze handle

perfect fit. Could not find this handle anywhere else.

26" Straight Shaft Ground Breaker Landscape Adze eye Hickory Handle

Nice handle, Good grain orientation, I modified it slightly to fit a display only tool and it finished out very well, Looks aged now which is what I wanted.