Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

24" Beaver Tooth Hudson Bay / Boys Axe Handle

24" American Hickory Boys / Hudson Bay Axe Handles.  Overall sizes 24" x 2" x 5/8", Council, Snow & Nealley, Ames True Temper). Also fits some boys axes or large hatchets. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA!



Brands listed for reference only.

Customer Reviews

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Works for Me

Bought a blem because I am painting this handle. The finish is fine. I like the palm swell as it is a little bigger than handles from the other guys.

Bruce Phlegar
All handles should be this nice

I purchased several of these handles for some Hudson Bay style heads that I have collected over the years. The handles are straight, and they all have excellent grain orientation with little runout. I also like them because they are not big and chunky like is the current trend in handles. I paid more for them and with a little trimming these handles are ready to go. Good job Beaver Tooth.

Amanda Johnson
Fit great

Had a 25 year old 24" axe, wasn't sure exactly what handle was needed, but this for great. Looks great.

As perfect as it gets.

I’ve been trying to find a handle that fits a Norlund Hudson Bay axe that my father and grandfather repeatedly beat back on the handle with a claw hammer and, with a little work on the axe head and handle, I finally have a working tool again. I did crack the kerf a pounding in the metal wedge, but that’s because I couldn’t find my round metal wedges and just wanted to get the project done. That’s totally not the handle’s issue at all! She’ll still ride for sure!

David Dolen
Handle for a "Boys AXE"

The handle is top quality perfectin every respect. One would be hard pressed to find a higher quality axe handle.