Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

12" Boy Scout Hatchet / Camp Axe Handle. Pocket Axe. American Hickory

Boy Scout Style Hickory Hatchet Handle. May fit some small Norlund Hudson Bay Pattern Hatchets as well. 12" long. Eye Size is 1-1/2" x 5/8". Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Made in USA! #142-12

Customer Reviews

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Randall Barringer
Too slow to be a player in the game

Unfortunately, I won't be ordering again. This was my second order and it took over a month to ship a hatchet handle. There was no indication that it was out of stock when I ordered. As someone who has seen a small business grow from a tent at a market to a million dollar company, shipping speed will have to be faster if you want to stay in business. It's that simple.

It Fits

This was my 3rd attempt to get a new handle for my Plumb, Boy Scout Hatchet. The first two I bought from two different vendors; neither of them fit! (too small). This one was perfect. Well made and the correct size to match the eye on my hatchet. I should have gone with beaver-tooth first.

Leslie Ohmart
Well Crafted

This axe handle is well made and fits the head nicely. With just a little removal of wood, I was able to pound in the handle for a super snug fit.

Nathan Slisher
Seems solid

Had to do a good deal of filing to fit it onto a 1 lb norlund hatched head, but it ended up fitting pretty well.

John Piedmont
Right On The Money

Exactly what I was looking for. Another success for B-TH!