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28" Boys / Half Axe / Hudson Bay Axe Handle American Hickory Single Bit Item # 1328

28" Fits Boys Axe, Half Axe, Hudson Bay Type, or Cedar Axes.  Bent grip single bit. Eye size listed in drop down for different variants. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Grades & finishes available are in the drop down menu. Made from American Hickory in the USA! Note: Wedge slot is not cut on handle pictured. Picture shows a red hickory handle. We have sheaths for Boys Axe under sheaths.

Customer Reviews

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My Dad's old ax

Almost 20 years ago, after my Dad passed, my Mom gave me a bunch of his old tools. One of them was and old Collins ax with a broken handle. I looked for a handle at the local hardware stores, but I couldn't find a handle to fit my ax. I set it in a corner and forgot about it. A month or so ago I came across it and wanted to fix it. I found Beaver-Tooth online, and they had the right handle. It fits tight and feels good in my hands. Thanks Beaver-Tooth for bringing my Dad's old ax back to life. This old ax wouldn't mean much to most people, but it means a lot to me.


Fits tight, amazingly smooth handle. i can't wait to get out an use it.

Excellent Work!

I'm new to buying replacement handles for any of my tools, but I must say the quality of this handle vs anything i've seen is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks for providing quality handles for those of us in need!

Solid handle

I ordered #2 with blems and the handle I received looks great. Thank you Beaver-tooth!

nice handle

Replacement handle for a small axe. It fits well and is nicely constructed.