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18" G.I. Pick Handle American Hickory

18" G.I. Pick Handle not to be confused with the smaller eye Army Picks (Check other listing for those). Eye size 2-3/4" x 1-3/4". American Hickory Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent handles!

Perfectly straight, proper grain orientation, made in USA. If you need this style/ size handle, Beaver-Tooth Handle Co. has you covered! Thanks again!!

james Wilson
Didn't fit.

Received my 18' GI pick handle, looked great, good piece of wood, excellent finish. only problem was it didn't fit.
I was refurbishing my dad's GI pick he had in the army. Its marked U.S. 1944. Handle length was 18' so I thought that I had it made when I found one that was made for it. Had to do a lot of sanding to make it fit and wound up having to sand the whole handle and refinish it. It doesn't look near as good now.

Seems like you needed the Army pick and not the G.I. pick. Please note we offer two small 18' pick handles that are different sizes.

Matt ZurSchmiede
U.S Army Pick Handles

The quality of the handles are exceptional. GREAT PRODUCT and worth the wait.

Glynn A. Skibinski

The perfect fit handle

John McBryde
Hard to find handle

I had looked for a replacement 18” handle for my old GI pickax. They’re not easy to find. This company has them, and they’re great to deal with. Yeah, it takes a while, but they explain why and that’s cool. I ordered a 36” handle for my garden mattock, like the GI pickax, another gardening tool I found out walking in the woods. If you’ve checked every hardware store and the big box stores and come up empty, check Beaver-tooth’s selection or give them a call or email.