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18" G.I. Pick Handle American Hickory

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18" G.I. Pick Handle not to be confused with the smaller eye Army Picks (Check other listing for those). Eye size 2-3/4" x 1-3/4". American Hickory Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Glynn A. Skibinski

The perfect fit handle

John McBryde
Hard to find handle

I had looked for a replacement 18” handle for my old GI pickax. They’re not easy to find. This company has them, and they’re great to deal with. Yeah, it takes a while, but they explain why and that’s cool. I ordered a 36” handle for my garden mattock, like the GI pickax, another gardening tool I found out walking in the woods. If you’ve checked every hardware store and the big box stores and come up empty, check Beaver-tooth’s selection or give them a call or email.

James Little
Handy little pick

The new handle made it a new tool. A little sanding and it fit GREAT.

William Hunt
18”. Pick handle

Excellent quality but I will have to do a lot of work to do it small enough to fit the pick head.

Our Army pick is smaller perhaps that is what you need.

James Loomis
High quality

I am impressed by the quality of the handle I received. I do have to make some minor adjustments due to the pick I have being significantly smaller than the head of the handle I received, leaving about 5 inches still protruding from the top. This is in no way due to the handle itself but is due to the oddball nature of the pick itself.