Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

Straight Shaft Ground Breaker Landscape Adze eye Hickory Handle Pick length.

Straight Shaft Adze Handle. Replacement for the small ground breaker landscape garden tools or anything else with an eye this size. Eye size 1-3/4" x 1-1/4". Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Howard Walker

the handle is smaller than the eye of the tool, so i am going to have to build it up. the wood grain looks good. the handle needs to be longer. l should have done more research

We list the length so you know before you buy. The mfg. of the heads (V&B) makes a 36' long handle just the same as the 26'

Keith Kuemmerle
Adze handle

Great fit and quality revived great grandads adze.

Jim Clark
Restoration complete!

The tool end was a bit large but that allowed for a custom fit. Final sizing with a straight cabinet scraper worked perfectly. After restoring and sharpening the head and installing it on the handle, I have a well balanced tool.

Robert Crowell

Like a dummy, I got the dimensions of my mattock head wrong and thus bought a wrong handle. All my fault. The handle you made for me is a splendid piece of wood work and deserves five stars. I think I'll use it in my pickup as a club.
Bob Crowell

Adze handle

36" handle fit great, I sanded just a little to get a deeper fit, probably didn't have to but I did. Oiled handle and went to work
. Great product and nice to find a supplier of hickory handles for (looks like) everything.