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18" U. S. Army Pick Replacment Handle #2 Grade

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18" Army issue pick handle replacement. Eye size 2-1/4" x 1-1/2". Made in USA! #2 Grade usable blems.

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K.C. Engdahl
Handles messiah

If the handle fits, which it does, buy it. I am entirely pleased with the small handle that was provided. It is rated a grade 2 and I do not know why. To my eye, it is "choice". I did need to do some minor and expected filing and sanding to compliment the overall fit and make it close to perfect. Any shortfall is mine. I was surprised to find that the product is available. I am very pleased with the experience and quality of my purchase. I have some other period tools in need of good handles, including a very large circus stake sledge hammer. I have been unable to secure anything that is a fit. I believe there is one offered with dimensions that will be ideal. I will be anxious to find out.

Morris Reyna
"18" U. S. Army Pick Replacment Handle

Excellent fit for the Mini Pickaxe. I wish I had ordered two.

Don Brady
great handle

handle looks great and fits good too very impressed!

Herb Monk

The handle came warped by an inch and that's a lot in 18"

As listed the #2 are not #1 grade for a reason. They are also 1/3 the price so you get what you pay for.


These are great handles - just what I was looking for!