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28" Boys / Half Axe / Hudson Bay Axe Handle American Hickory Single Bit Item # 1328

28" Fits Boys Axe, Half Axe, Hudson Bay Type, or Cedar Axes.  Bent grip single bit. Eye size listed in drop down for different variants. Comes with one wood & metal wedge. Grades & finishes available are in the drop down menu. Made from American Hickory in the USA! Note: Wedge slot is not cut on handle pictured. Picture shows a red hickory handle. We have sheaths for Boys Axe under sheaths.

Customer Reviews

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Finally found it

I was having a hard time finding a handle for my Hudson Bay axe. Was just what I was looking for. Fit perfect. I've had this axe for many years and I'm glad to know I have somewhere to get a replacement handle when I need it

Beautiful handle.

Great looking handle and sheath. Looks great with my grandpa's old axe head. I'll be back again soon.... just need to find more axe heads.

28” Boys axe handle

Very nice handle - cant find anything even close in local hardware and big box stores - thanks for a great product!

Nice handle

Handle is nice and straight and seems to fit well. Very good value.

Not too shabby

The handle is well made, though I wish the grain orientation was a little better. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, it's about 45 degrees off from what's ideal. The finish is smooth right from the box. It was a little undersized based on the stated dimensions (1-7/8 x 9/16) and had a very large shoulder swell for such a small ax head, but a little time with a rasp and some sandpaper made it work. I ended up buying a larger hardwood wedge to make sure things stayed tight as the one provided was very soft and on the thin side.

We offer three different patterns of boys 28' handle. You got the smallest eye one. We use the industry standard Tulip Poplar wedges and they are sized correctly for a boys axe.