Beaver-Tooth Handle Co.

36" Double Bit Axe Handle. #2 Single Handle or By the Dozen

Standard 36" DB handles Eye 2-5/8" x 5/8". Comes with wood & metal wedge. #2 grade with useable blems. Made in USA. Can buy by the dozen if you like from the drop down box.

Customer Reviews

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Great axe handles

For the past 50 years, I have been buying replacement axe handles for double bit felling axes from local hardware dealers. This is the first time I rehandled a quality axe without a lot of adjustments!! It fit perfectly. The handle's grain is straight, sound and properly oriented. I will never buy another axe handle from anyone except Beaver-Tooth. It is also important to note I bought "standard grade", not the premium grade.

Much better handles than others I've checked !

Grain good, not great-but for the price can't be beat.

Folks to be sure #2(Good) grade handles are not select for grain that runs with the striking edge or face usually the opposite in face that is why its a #2 often.
What I was looking for!

Honest company. Sold me what I was looking for and honest about the shipping delay, which was not bad.
Will purchase again.

Ax Man of MP Lax!

Double Bit

Very well made handle good grain orientation
Like the handles a lot and
Highly recommended quality handle


After messing around with Ebay, got handles for single bit instead of what I wanted. Beaver Tooth site was easy to navigate received 2 handles, excellent fitment,minor shaving sanding for great fit, much higher quality than Tractor Supply, hardware store etc. Excellent quality,delivery and service. Will use again for handle needs. Rarely take time to review products, felt it necessary to let y'all know this is a good company to do business with.